Dr Deirdre Torrance

Fellowship nomination

Nominations for the title of Fellow may be made by the International Committee, a Regional Association or an existing Fellow of the Association. The nominations should in the first instance, be submitted to the Honorary Secretary of the Association (secretary@ipda.org.uk) together with a short statement, (no more than 200 words) as to the nature and extent of the service to professional development and the Association of the nominee. The Hon. Secretary will ensure that all members of the International Committee receive the above information.

Download the fellowship nomination form.

Election of Fellows

  • The International Committee of the Association is responsible for the election of Fellows.
  • A sub-group of IPDA Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Hon Treasurer and Hon Secretary) review the nominations for  Fellowship and make their recommendations to IC who normally ratify the recommendations unless a simple majority of the IC object to a nomination, with the Chair having a casting vote if necessary on the advice of the Honorary Secretary. The Hon. Secretary will ensure that all members of the Executive Committee receive all necessary information.
  • Newly elected Fellows will be informed of their success by the Hon Secretary
  • New Fellows will be invited to the annual meeting of Fellows where the title will be formally conferred.
  • The maximum number of Fellows who may be elected in any one year is limited to five.
  • Fellows, except where they be members of IPDA, will not be required to pay an annual fee to the Association but they will not be entitled to vote in any Association election, meeting, or to hold any post or office within the Association.

Eligibility for nomination

  • IPDA Members of at least five years standing who have attained eminence in the field of professional development.
  • IPDA Members of at least five years’ standing who present a thesis, not previously presented for a qualification or a publication, which in the judgment of the Executive Committee constitutes an original and significant contribution to the professional development of educators.
  • Persons who have rendered significant service to the field of professional development of educators whether it be through their research, teaching, coordinating or management contribution.
  • Persons who have been office bearers of the IPDA and/or members of the Editorial Board of the Association’s Journal who have given valuable service to IPDA.