Professional Development in Education is a fully refereed international journal that publishes original contributions on the subject of continuing professional learning and development (PLD). Articles contain scholarly discussion of related concepts and theories, emerging issues, empirical research, and contributions to the debate on continuing professional learning and development. Although the main focus of articles in the journal is likely to be teacher education, we welcome contributions which discuss the policy and practice of PLD in other professions where the focus of the article is professional learning and development.

The Award

Each year, from 2016, Professional Development in Education (the journal of the International Professional Development Association – IPDA) will award a prize for the best article published in the current volume. The Best Article prize is £100 plus one year’s membership of the Association. In the event that there are multiple authors, the cash prize and membership will go to the named contact author for distribution, as appropriate, to co-authors.

In 2016, 42 full articles, 3 research notes and 1 viewpoint article were published in Volume 42 issues 1-5. Articles were drawn from many countries including Australia, Scotland, England, New Zealand, Ireland, the USA, Ethiopia, Chile, Iceland, Malaysia, Canada, Turkey, Greece and Slovakia.

From this wide range of outstanding articles, the two Managing Editors Professors Ken Jones and Jim O’Brien have selected one article to receive the 2016 award.

The prize-winning article for Volume 42, 2016, is: 

Conceptualising the research-practice-professional development nexus: mobilising schools as ‘research-engaged’ professional learning communities

Vol 42.1 February 2016, p36-53,
Author:  Clive Dimmock