IPDA Conference 2014

‘The IPDA conference remains the friendliest and most supportive of any educational conference I have ever attended.”

The IPDA International Conference takes place each year and brings together several keynote speakers and many presenters from across not only the UK, but much further afield. The conference is very active and prompts discussion around a wide range of issues relating to professional development. Please use the links below to explore our previous conferences.

Conference paper archive

Previous conference papers are available in the Conference Paper Archive.

Why should you come to an IPDA annual conference?

“Schoolteachers can easily imagine that people with PhDs and books to their name must look down on them… not in IPDA they don’t. If I had to single out a quality that marks out IPDA it is the willingness to learn from, engage with and respect the experience of schoolteachers.”

The IPDA annual conference provides a unique opportunity to engage professionally with a wide range of people who are involved in professional learning. The conference provides a supportive environment in which people can listen and talk as well as present their research and ideas. First time researchers and presenters and researchers have a challenging yet safe environment in which they can develop their conference presentation skills and learn from more experienced researchers and presenters. The wide range of contexts from which participants come enables people to make a much broader range of contacts than they would normally be able to do, and to learn with colleagues across professions and all sectors of education. The following videos illustrate these points and include more reasons why people attend the IPDA annual conference.

Hazel Bryan, University of Gloucestershire

Manpreet Kaur, Partap College of Education, Ludhiana, India

Glenn Stone, University
of Chichester

Dr Adrián Dacian, University of Žilina, Slovakia