The 2014 IPDA International Conference took place on 28-29 November 2014 at Aston University with the theme ‘Re-Thinking Models of Professional Learning’.

The following video gives a flavour of the event with clips from keynotes and presentations.

Day 1

On the first day the morning keynote was given by Professor Marc Vermeulen, Tilburg University, spoke about ‘Liquid Modernity and Responsible Teaching: challenges for innovation of professional development in education and training’. This was followed by table discussions on a few questions posed by Marc. The afternoon keynote was delivered by Dr Aileen Kennedy, University of Strathclyde, who spoke about ‘Informing, Transforming and Embedding: Mobilising the literature to impact on policy and practice’. The following gallery shows images from the day, including the keynotes and the parallel sessions that also took place.

A discussion about IPDA India with Balwant Singh

This video shows Kit Field and Ken Jones in discussion with Balwant Singh, chair of the newly formed IPDA India, talking about some of the professional development and cultural issues and differences in the education sector in India.

Evening Dinner and Awards

Delegates enjoyed a fantastic meal together and three presentations took place:

  • Professor Christine Forde was awarded an IPDA Fellowship;
  • John Lowes was awarded the IPDA prize;
  • Pauline Smith was presented with a gift for her time spent as ipda President.


Professor Christine Forde receives IPDA Fellowship

This video shows Christine Forde receiving the IPDA Fellowship and speaking about her career in relation to professional development.

Day 2

The second day of the conference featured a keynote by Professor Linda Evans, Leeds University, who spoke about ‘What do we still need to know about professional development? A research agenda for the field’. Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation (.pps, 2.3mb).The following gallery features images from the day.