IPDA Bulletin December 2015

IPDA Bulletin December 2015

In this Christmas and end of year bulletin we bring you information about:

– Membership renewal for 2016
– Our 2015 conference and a save the date for our 2016 conference
– Your chance to become an IPDA book reviewer and blog author
– An opportunity to apply for an IPDA Research Scholarship
– New membership benefits
– Updating your details on the IPDA platform

Remember IPDA is your organisation so if you have any ideas please do not hesitate to get in contact.

With best wishes for a fantastic new year and the international committee look forward to seeing you at one of our events.

Membership renewal for 2016

It is time to renew your IPDA membership for 2016. To make it as easy as possible if you go onto the IPDA website ‘Renew your Membership‘ page. Choose your membership type and click ‘Buy Now’ to make a payment through PayPal, BACS or a cheque. What could be simpler?

Why not encourage your colleagues to join and reduce your membership fee?

For those who attended the full 2015 IPDA Conference your membership fee was included and you will be receiving your membership certificates soon.

Our 2015 conference and a save the date for our 2016 conference


This year we had over 70 attend our annual conference at Aston in Birmingham, England. Several overseas countries were represented including Malaysia, Malta, India, Slovakia, Nigeria to mention a few.

Our keynote speakers included Prof. Paul Black, Dr Jane Waters and Dr Jane Paylor, Dr Balwant Singh, Manpreet Kaur, Prof Ken Jones and Dr Margery McMahon. We said a sad goodbye to Dr Kit Field who has retired from his role as Chair of IPDA and Prof John MacBeath gave his Presidential address.

We were very honoured to welcome two IPDA prizewinners to the annual conference this year. Michael Lowes was awarded the prize 2014 for his work with teaching assistants in supporting a school ethos of inclusion and in developing pupil independence. Laura Anderson was awarded the prize 2015 for her work with parents for whom English is an additional language, in supporting their children’s literacy and in understanding the cognitive benefits of bilingualism.

Both prizewinners spoke eloquently and passionately about the research they had carried out in these areas as part of a Masters programme, and the subsequent development of practice that arose from it. The conference gained from the contribution and participation of these prizewinners and we look forward to further involvement with them in the future.

The IPDA prize is not only a recognition of high quality work and impact in the area of professional development and education, it is also a stepping stone to deeper development through the IPDA network, journal, regional events and conference. We are keen to ensure that as many Masters and Doctoral students as possible have the opportunity to be put forward for a prize. Do visit the IPDA Awards pages of our website from March 2016 where there will be details of the IPDA prize and how to apply.

We are delighted to announce that our IPDA Conference in 2016 will be at Stirling Court Hotel, Stirling, Scotland on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th November. Save the dates. Remember our conference fee includes accommodation, all meals and refreshments, conference dinner, IPDA membership as well as the conference itself. so it is a real bargain. More details to follow.

Your chance to become an IPDA book reviewer and blog author

We are keen to encourage IPDA members to write regular blogs as well as contribute book reviews of new texts or those you have recently read. Book reviews will now appear on the IPDA website alongside blogs and Phil Taylor will be editing both. Periodically, Phil will e-mail members with lists of books available to review, which will be sent out on a first-come first-served basis and can be kept by the reviewer. We also welcome reviews of books, old and new, which members have read, enjoyed and have been influential on their thinking and practice.

Blogs are warmly welcomed on any topic of likely interest to IPDA members and website visitors, which we hope will stimulate debate, discussion and participation through the IPDA website. We would like all members to be involved in commenting on blog and book review postings and regular tweeting their activities to generate interest and activity. Please send blogs or book reviews at any time to phil.taylor@bcu.ac.uk and look out for periodic mailings of new books available for review (and for keeping!).

Visit the IPDA website to see Guidance for book reviews and blogs and to see a list of books available for review.

An opportunity to apply for an IPDA Research Scholarship

2016 sees the introduction of our IPDA Research Scholarships. IPDA will be sponsoring two scholarships in 2016. The scholarships will be available for IPDA members only and it will need to involve more than one member. The work needs to be related to professional learning. Application details can be found on the research scholarships page.

Updating your details on the IPDA platform

We will soon be moving to a member login on our website that will take you to areas no one else will see. One of the things we are keen to promote is the networking between members for projects, research, presentations and so on. It would be really helpful if you could check your entry and amend with your latest details. Go to the website now to complete your member information.

New membership benefits

2016 sees some amazing opportunities for IPDA. Our very successful journal Professional Development in Education has renewed its partnership with Routledge. We are very grateful for all the support Routledge has given us and continue to do so. From January 2016 all IPDA member benefits will include:



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