Jen Jones with Routledge Representative and PDIE JournalProfessional Development in Education (visit the publisher’s website) is the official journal of the International Professional Development Association.

It is a fully refereed international journal that publishes original contributions on the subject of continuing professional development in its widest sense: initial preparation as it affects induction; mentoring and coaching; professional learning concepts and theory; management and leadership of continuing professional development; the analysis of local, regional and national policies relating to CPD; and the work of Higher Education, advisory services and training and development organisations in supporting and promoting CPD.

Contributions comprise scholarly discussion of new issues, reports of research in particular areas, reports of developments and contributions to debate on continuing professional development. Although the main focus of articles in the Journal is likely to be teacher education, we welcome contributions which discuss the policy and practice of CPD in other professions where the focus of the article is professional learning.

From the first issue of Volume 24, 1998, the journal changed its title from British Journal of In-service Education (ISSN 0305-7631) to Journal of In-service Education(ISSN 1367-4587). From 2009 the title was changed to Professional Development in Education.

“In the fast changing world of education the importance of teachers’ professional development as the constant that impacts upon the status of the profession and the achievement of students is clear. Professional Development in Education champions this. We are treated to writing of the highest quality that skilfully informs and engages the reader. Contributions are international but the key messages articulating the continued learning of our teachers across the globe seem familiar and pertinent. Articles draw the reader in; they offer breadth and perspective; they ask challenging questions and stimulate thinking. Refreshing and essential. If this journal isn’t in your library and on your office book shelf , it needs to be. Enjoy!’

Dr. Jonathan Doherty, Leeds Trinity University

Peer Review Policy

All research articles appearing in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review by members of the editorial board.

Should you wish to become a reviewer for the journal. Email the Co-Managing Editor, Professor Ken Jones at:

Publisher : Routledge
Frequency :5 times a year
Volume Number: 2014 will be Number 40
Print ISSN: 1367-4587
Online ISSN: 1747-5082

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